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26 June, 2020
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26 June, 2020

Increased leasing of industrial warehouses challenges U.S. labor market

Warehousing companies have carried out thousands of new hires for their industrial warehouses, as the storage of food products and household items has generated great demand in distribution networks.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, during the month of March of this year, the operators of industrial warehouses, food product distribution centers and electronic commerce, hired 8,200 workers, which represents the largest monthly increase. since January.

This was generated because large companies such as Amazon and Walmart hired hundreds of thousands of employees to keep Americans supplied during the coronavirus pandemic.

However, hiring stopped at companies dedicated to other logistics operations such as ground transportation and consumer goods parcels, caused by the drop in employment in general, as the companies cut 701,000 jobs in March, which represents the largest monthly decrease in payrolls in 11 years.

The great opportunity for storage

According to Brian Devine, Senior Vice President at ProLogistix, a staff firm that works with retail companies, warehousing lives a different story as retailers and their suppliers have struggled to keep up with consumers who purchase and store food. and items for your home. So the labor demand in industrial warehouses is out of series, since companies are looking to hire 40 to 100 new workers at the same time with an indefinite contract.

Manpower North America, personnel company reported that the majority of its logistics and distribution clients are still hiring, so it is working with clients from the industries that have been most affected such as tourism, to relocate in the manufacturing sector to workers who lost their jobs. In addition, goods-producing companies cut 54,000 jobs when the pandemic started in the United States.

Ground transportation in the United States

According to an article published in The Wall Street Journal, North American purchases of heavy-duty Class 8 trucks, which correspond to large platforms that transport goods, fell 52% in March, which is the lowest level since 2010. So the second quarter of the year is expected to be difficult, while the third quarter is still uncertain.

Oradel’s role in storage

Oradel Industrial Center is an industrial park located in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, 10 minutes from international bridges with the United States. Its product offer is related to the rental and sale of industrial warehouses for manufacturing operations and storage of finished products.

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