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Advantages and comparative

1 What are the general advantages of the Park?
The advantages can be framed in:
  1. Location: We are the busiest border point in Mexico, and the shortest point to reach the United States. This allows us to optimize logistics costs.
  2. Services: In the Park we have all the services
  3. Structure: Few Parks provide real corporate governance. Oradel has all the infrastructure to constantly support its clients. See Organization Chart
  4. Benefits used: The Park has a neighborhood in the area of ​​more than 5,000 houses. We also have nursery, public school and Technical University for employee training and recruiting new talents.
2 Why select it against areas like Monterrey or El Bajío?
  • Logistics costs: Nuevo Laredo is substantially cheaper at any other point that is not located on the border, for logistics and storage.
  • Cost M2 and Qualified Hand: Nuevo Laredo has a more competitive offer in prices and costs than Monterrey
  • Allow managers to live in the United States. In the case of having children, this allows them to study in the United States.
3 Why select it against border areas like Reynosa?
  • Nuevo Laredo connects with the Nafta Highway, being the 35 HW with the 85 HW in Mexico
  • The offer of employee benefits provides much lower levels of turnover.
4 Are there more Industrial Parks in the region?
Oradel industrial Center and Oradel Rail Center, is the only Industrial Park that operates in the market with a Corporate Government and the most important Ship Center in the city.

About the park

1Can I Buy and Rent?
Yes. You can search in the sections: Products or Contact. The options range from rent or purchase of land and buildings, these seconds being with speculative warehouses adapted to the client, or with developments implemented with specific indications from the client.
2 What are the dimensions of the terrain?
Oradel owns more than 1,400 hectares, adding Oradel Industrial Center and Oradel Rail Center.
3How much available land is there?
Currently, continuous land of up to 100 hectares is available, in addition to large spaces for smaller projects.
4Can the Park manage the construction of my ship?
Yes. Oradel does the lifting of the ship, according to the client's requirements.
5It has all the services?
Yes, it has all the energy and water services.
6 Are they well maintained?
Oradel's robust organization chart allows for lighting, paving, rail and all services in excellent condition. See Organization Chart
7 How can I contact them?
  • You can contact the office in Mexico City or directly in Nuevo Laredo.
    • Nuevo Laredo
      • Carlos Montoya (General Director-Bilingual)
        • Daniel Mondlak (CMO-Bilingual)
8How close is it to the border with the United States?
We are located 18 minutes from Bridge III International World Trade. Exactly 19 Km / 11.99 Miles.
9 How old is Oradel industrial Center?
The industrial park has more than 10 years in the market.
10 Are there bilingual staff?
The entire management team can communicate in English.
11 Can the park help us with Networking in the region?
Yes. Oradel can support managers to locate the region's points and relevant contacts.
12Do they have access to the Railroad?
Oradel has the Rail Center section, with direct access to the Railroad to the unloading and loading area of ​​the ships.

About Nuevo Laredo and Security

1 Is the area safe?
Yes. The movement of ships, the presence of guards and the excellent lighting installed by Oradel, makes the area safe.
2Is Nuevo Laredo dangerous?
No. Today Nuevo Laredo is a highly safe area. Although Mexico suffered complications during 2009-2012, today Nuevo Laredo is a stable region, with high Medical Tourism and security.

About our workforce

1 Is staff turnover in Nuevo Laredo high?
No. The rotation indicators have been established. Oradel has benefits in the quality of life of the clients' employees, which favors greater stability. Workers Benefits
2 Is it easy to recruit collaborators?
Yes. Oradel has created an active program with his tenants to help them in the diffusion through the Social Networks and in connections with the Universities of the region. In addition to the presence of the Tecnológico de Tamaulipas that provides great facilities for attracting new workforce.
3 Are there qualified personnel in Nuevo Laredo?
Today Nuevo Laredo has an active and highly trained population.
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