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26 June, 2020
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Ravisa: Strategic partner in foreign trade

Ravisa has more than 70 years of experience in foreign trade, contributing to the development and growth of companies that are willing to cross borders, and is located within the Oradel Industrial Center.

Since its foundation in 1947, it has been characterized as an innovative company in the way of working in customs services. It is recognized for being a service operator in foreign trade and a benchmark in the market, which is due to its competitiveness, commitment, reliability and adaptability according to the needs of its clients.

Ravisa in the new millennium

During its first decades, the company focused on providing customs services; However, from 2001 he joined the Foreign Trade Consulting. Five years later, it added the services of Transportation, Logistics, Storage and Distribution of merchandise and in 2007 it integrated the information systems.

Throughout its history, it has been characterized by its loyalty and commitment to each of its clients and by offering four business units: Transportation, Storage and Distribution, Customs Clearance and Consulting, for the Food, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, and Manufacturing industries. and Technology.

Furthermore, the services offered by Ravisa are divided into two main groups:

Customs clearance services between Mexico, the United States, Canada and the rest of the world.

-Procedures and necessary documentation for the correct importation of products to the country.

-Advice to export finished products to the entire world.

Digital platforms to know the status of shipments in real time.

-Safety and control of all documentation.

-Own patents in Mexico and the United States for greater security.

-Generation of operations within the NAFTA region (Mexico, Canada and the United States).

Logistics services with security, monitoring and punctuality.

-Administration and control of inventories with advanced technological infrastructure.

-Design, planning and installation of the logistics strategy.

-Deliveries and national and international collections, guaranteeing the Just in Time service.

-Custom services, based on the needs of each client and backed by the national and international network of agents and suppliers.

-Red internacional para realizar servicios D2D, P2P, P2D, D2P por vía aérea, marítima, terrestre, ferroviario y multimodal.

Handling of dangerous, oversized cargo, controlled temperature, value, Break Bulk, RO-RO and specialized projects.

Ravisa Nuevo Laredo at Oradel Industrial Center

Being inside the Oradel Industrial Center, Ravisa Nuevo Laredo has strategic advantages for its customs and logistics operations, since this industrial park is located on the “NAFTA Highway” and 10 minutes from international bridges with the United States.

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