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7 May, 2020
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7 May, 2020

Covid-19 forces innovation in the manufacturing industry

The coronavirus has forced the manufacturing industry to innovate and analyze different technological options to safeguard product manufacturing, storage and distribution.

So far, the Covid-19 contingency has provided two very important lessons. The first is the fragility of the Mexican economy in the face of isolation and social distancing measures that must be taken to curb the pandemic; it is highly vulnerable and could be damaged severely. The second is that a segment of the technology industry is growing and has a positive short-term outlook.

The foregoing refers to companies that, on the one hand, offer e-commerce and entertainment services through technological platforms and are gaining strength among end consumers and, on the other hand, companies offering technological tools to help firms operate remotely. The power of digital data and markets therefore needs to be understood in order to combine this knowledge with state-of-the-art technological tools in order to meet consumer demands with flexibility.

One outcome of social isolation is that services that rely on technological platforms are becoming the most effective way for people to cope with the pandemic. Technology is performing a crucial role in overcoming this situation. An example of this is the Chinese government’s use of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to contain the disease.

Covid-19 and the manufacturing industry

The current global situation provides a great opportunity to analyze the advantages of incorporating technologies in the manufacturing industry to help perform important tasks remotely, such as monitoring and machinery maintenance, as well as to understand and take advantage of new consumer habits that may arise after this crisis.

However, it should be borne in mind that undertaking comprehensive digital transformation in what is expected to be a complicated period will be a big challenge, as the priorities of companies will certainly change.

Industrial companies therefore need to look for different ways to incorporate technological innovations into their processes and products, which must be agile, low cost and based on short projects focused on solving a particular problem such as unscheduled shutdowns, quality deviations and excess power consumption, in order to obtain a short term Return on Investment (ROI).

According to an article published by Forbes, it is very likely that once the crisis is over, company budgets will be limited and firms will be under pressure to achieve results that increase them immediately and with little investment.

Oradel Industrial Center, as a key component in the manufacturing industry

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TOradel Industrial Center has land on which buildings and industrial warehouses can be designed in accordance with the needs of each company.

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