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25 June, 2020
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E-commerce drives industrial warehouse leasing

The demand for spaces, for rent of industrial warehouses, for the storage and distribution of goods grew 40% in April this year, compared to 23% that was registered the same month last year.

The industrial market in Mexico shows positive signs, since the need to be closer to consumers for the rapid delivery of products motivates the demand for industrial spaces.

In this sense, the companies that store merchandise need more space since online sales require inventories up to three times larger in volume than traditional ones, so the demand for rent of industrial warehouses has doubled.

For his part, Mario Rodríguez, Vice President of Operations for the retail and technology sectors of DHL Supply Chain considers that, due to the effects of Covid-19, companies have had to adapt their traditional commerce to e-commerce, since otherwise they would suffer economic losses due to lack of sales.

Even restaurants were transformed into consumers and suppliers through e-commerce, as well as companies that had planned to enter the online sales market have advanced their execution. However, businesses that are not within the online market were unable to take advantage of seasons and were faced with product batch expiration dates.

A space challenge that must be considered for online sales is the number of merchandise returns, since 80% of the garments that are purchased online are returned, that is, 2 out of 10 and this may be due that the consumer did not like or was not of his size.

Meanwhile, Francisco Muñoz, CBRE Senior Vice President, reported that the demand for logistics space will be considered an important trigger when the economy is reactivated, while other industrial sectors such as manufacturing will grow.

Faced with the new purchasing needs, Oradel Industrial Center has industrial warehouse rental, according to the needs of each company, which can be from 3 to 100 continuous hectares.

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