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5 October, 2020
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5 October, 2020

Industrial parks boost manufacturing in Mexico

According to the Mexican Association of Industrial Parks (AMPIP), Mexican industrial spaces have boosted the manufacturing industry by generating more than 3 million jobs in 3,500 established companies.

In recent years, industrial growth in Mexico has benefited from several factors, including expansion into different Mexican states which has allowed operational processes to expand, and the diversification of the market into new regions. 

The AMPIP is the leading organization for the promotion of Mexican industrial infrastructure. It has 360 industrial spaces across the 23 states that have the greatest presence of manufacturing and logistics operations.

For the AMPIP, there are three representative parameters that reflect the importance of industrial spaces in the economic sector:

  • The number of jobs generated at its facilities, which are estimated to be close to 3 million.
  • The 3,500 companies established in its industrial parks, most of which are international and have a long history of operating in Mexico.  
  • Planned investment by AMPIP members for 2018-2020 amounts to 4.6 billion dollars. 

Mexico’s private industrial parks increase the possibility of generating new Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) flows, as international companies are always looking for a location with certain characteristics or variables, like a geographic location that facilitates market access and the availability of labor with the talent required by the various manufacturing industries. 

Oradel Industrial Center located in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas is the choice location for manufacturing and logistics operations. It has all the infrastructure required by the most demanding industries. It offers Class A industrial buildings with or without rail services. It is located only 10 miles from the international bridges to the United States. It is connected to the midwest markets via Hwy 35 (NAFTA road).

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