Industrial Properties for Lease

We hope the information that follows will illustrate what the Oradel Industrial Center has to offer. It is important that we enumerate the strategic benefits we can deliver to companies focused on maximizing the potential of their twin plant operations along the US – Mexico border.

Located in the heart of the “Two Laredos”, directly astride North America’s most important north-south transportation artery, is the Oradel lndustrial Properties for Lease. With U.S. style infrastructure and built-to-suit inventory buildings, we deliver competitively priced, high quality products to meet the demands of a “world-class business environment”.

If you are currently trying to determine the pros and cons of setting up a manufacturing or logistics operation in Mexico call Oradel today!. We’ll get you through to a team of experienced professionals who speak your language, and have the knowhow to provide you with the answers you’ve been looking for.

Warehousing Solutions Near The Industrial Rail Center

Industrial Properties

Industrial properties in Mexico should be easy to fund and maintain. Oradel makes it fast, smooth and simple to set up or expand your manufacturing or logistics operations by leasing prime industrial real estate and properties to your organization near the US-Mexico border…

Industrial Buildings

Are you looking to set up a manufacturing or logistical company in Mexico? Oradel Industrial Center’s 2400-acre industrial building complex is ready to help you get started. We are strategically located on the outskirts of Nuevo Laredo and across the border from Laredo, Texas…

Contract Warehousing

Are you looking to startup operations across the border in Mexico? Oradel offers an excellent industrial warehouse in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico that can help you accomplish just that. Our strategic location is a key component for successful manufacturing and logistics operations…

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Oradel has facilitated our logistical solutions for exporting our manufactured goods into the USA. By providing highly convenient location on the US-Mexico border, we are able to export our products into the USA at a fraction of the normal cost.

John Maximus III

Export Manager, Embotelladoras Novamex

As a leading manufacturer of healthcare products, we decided to relocate to Oradel Industrial Center in 2003 in order to have a larger manufacturing warehouse. Our company now has 1,300 employees and grows with efficiency due to the state-of-the-art facilities which Oradel provides.

Suzanne Gonzalez

Logistical Manager, MedLine Industries

Oradel ‘s industrial buildings have allowed our company to expand the size of our warehouses to a total of 725,000 square feet. If you are searching for modern manufacturing facilities with close proximity to the United States for logistical purposes, Oradel Industrial Center will be your best option.

Christopher Clark

Distribution Manager, Rheem Industries

If you want more information about the Oradel Industrial Rail Center in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, contact one of our representatives today to get started.

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