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Novamex: Bottler and distributor of products on an international level

Novamex is a company specializing in the bottling and distribution of beverages manufactured in Mexico, exclusively for export on an international level. It is located in the Oradel Industrial Center.

The company was founded in 1986 by the Colinas family from Mexico City and the Fernandez family from Chihuahua, who combined their knowledge of bottling, distribution and soft drink development into a singular vision, exporting authentic Hispanic products to the United States.

Over the past two decades, Novamex has grown to become one of the leading exporters of Hispanic products in the United States, starting with only two products. Today, the company has grown with over 160 industry-leading food and beverage SKUs.

In addition, since 1990, it has had a compound annual growth rate of 29%, selling more than one billion units of consumption per year.

Product portfolio

The beverages and food produced by Novamex are recognized brands in Mexico and the United States:

-JARRITOS is a product created in 1950 in Mexico by Francisco Hill and by 1960, it had already been bottled and distributed in 80% of Mexico, becoming the best-selling brand of natural flavored soft drinks in the country.

It has 11 fruit flavors, offered in a unique glass bottle with a flavor representing Mexican culture. All products are made with cane sugar to guarantee the authentic flavor that has been passed on for generations.

Each bottling plant in Mexico is able to fill 45,000 glass bottles per hour.

JARRITOS is available in 16 countries including North America and Europe. Mexico exports 1,500 bottles per minute. In 1988, Jarritos began distribution in the United States, where it quickly positioned itself as the best-selling Mexican product in the Hispanic market.

– Sidral Mundet, with a distinctly refreshing apple flavor, is one of the most recognized brands in Mexico and has been a staple product since 1902.

– Sangria Señorial is an iconic brand in Mexico. It is an alcohol-free sangria-flavored soft drink, making it an original and unique product.

-Camaronazo is a unique tomato juice and shrimp cocktail, exceptionally easy to drink with an inviting aroma that has a mild and refreshing taste. It can be enjoyed alone or as a complement to many Latino dishes. It can also be mixed with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for a tasty treat.

– C2O is a Coconut water containing carefully selected ingredients from Thailand and is considered to be the best tasting in the world.

– JARRITOS Mineragua is a carbonated water, without sugar or calories with a refreshing and bubbly taste.

-Tepachito is made in the traditional style of tepache, a non-alcoholic cider made from the original Mexican recipe. It is a product that consists of carbonated cider with natural fermented pineapple and spices, a touch of lime sweetened with cinnamon.

-Steaz was created for the purpose of producing great tasting organic green tea drinks for people to lead healthier lives. The ingredients used to make Steaz come from sustainable sources.

JARRITOS Coconut Water is a coconut water from the JARRITOS brand, made from the pulp.

– Ibarra hot chocolate was created in Mexico in 1925, the land where chocolate was prized by the Mayan and Olmec cultures. Since then, Ibarra hot chocolate has expanded its products to offer not only bars of chocolate for preparing hot drinks, but also hot chocolate powder, syrup and candy, with the same tradition and quality that the brand is known for.

-D’Gari is a product that has been produced in Mexico for more than 65 years. It consists of vanilla-flavored gelatin powder with caramel and coconut cream, as well as custard and the sugar-free, natural or vanilla-flavored gelatin lines.

World leader in beverage distribution

The company is considered to be a world leader in the marketing of Mexican soft drinks, one of the main importers and distributors of Mexican food in the United States and a vehicle for the growth and development of natural and organic beverages.

With headquarters in El Paso, Texas, the company offers its strategic partners major market sales offices, state-of-the-art bottling facilities and world-class warehouses in key geographic areas for distribution to the United States and worldwide.

Novamex Nuevo Laredo in Oradel Industrial Center

One of the bottling plants for products is located in Oradel Industrial Center, which provides a competitive advantage, since this industrial park is located only 10 minutes from international crossings with the United States, product exports are carried out efficiently, reducing transportation times.

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