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13 July, 2020
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13 July, 2020

Mexico ranks third in U.S. investments by companies after Covid-19

After Canada and the United Kingdom, Mexico ranks third among the countries where U.S. companies plan to invest in the next three to five years, according to the recent report by the TMF Group.

According to the report from the administrative support services provider for international business expansion, which has a presence in more than 80 countries, the majority of U.S. company executives expressed their optimism in continuing with their business after overcoming the pandemic and rank Mexico among the top countries to invest in.

The first country considered for investment is Canada, with 47%, followed by the United Kingdom with 45% while Mexico ranks third with 30% preference for manufacturing, information technology, financial services, retail and professional services executives.

US economy after the coronavirus

The TMF Group report also notes that despite the business and health challenges posed by the pandemic, two-thirds of U.S. businesses are optimistic that their country’s economy will fully recover by next year, in addition to the massive government relief package to support businesses and workers.

The importance of USMCA after Covid-19

According to the above-mentioned report, the three North American economies are highly interconnected in regional supply chains and the Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada (USMCA) provides them with confidence in making investments.

Oradel Industrial Center offers complete services to international companies seeking to locate their manufacturing operations near the U.S. border, which is a competitive advantage that will be reinforced with the USMCA.

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