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7 May, 2020
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25 June, 2020

Industrial parks as an aid in the development of the T-MEC relationship

The manufacturing industry between Canada, the United States and Mexico is an extremely important piece in the trilateral commercial and productive relationship between these countries and with the ratification of the new agreement, the T-MEC, opportunities are opened for investments in the industrial sector of Mexico.

According to an article published in El Economista, with the approval of the T-MEC, there is optimism for attracting new foreign investment, and even when there are national and international risks, it must be remembered that Mexico has managed to overcome internal economic crises and external.

An example of the above is the current crisis that is being experienced worldwide by the coronavirus, which presents itself as an opportunity for Mexico, since it is very likely that Chinese companies and other countries will return to see our country to establish its factories and operations.

The Importance of Manufacturing in the American Economy

According to information published in El Economista, the manufacturing industry will continue to be a strong engine of the economy in the United States and consequently in Mexico.

Within this industry, the sector with the greatest potential is logistics, which registered a growth rate of 35% in 2019.

Oradel and its importance as an industrial park in Nuevo Laredo

Oradel Industrial Center, located in Nuevo Laredo, has an unequaled competitive advantage, since it is located on the so-called “NAFTA Highway” and 10 minutes from international bridges with the United States, making it a viable option for foreign companies seeking to carry out international trade activities.

Its commercial offer is based on the leasing and / or sale of industrial warehouses, as well as land with an industrial vocation, so that companies can settle in any of the previously constructed buildings or develop their own space according to their needs. Due to its territorial extension, Oradel offers lots from 3 to more than 100 continuous hectares.

In addition, it is an industrial park that has 5 thousand homes for the workers of the companies that are in Oradel, as well as charitable services for them and their families such as public school, daycare and security.

Likewise, Oradel Industrial Center has implemented various actions of sustainability and for the benefit of the environment.

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