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Exporting and producing health supplies is a strategic pillar for the economy

Mexican health supplies export has become one of the strategic sectors driving the national economy, along with the electro mobility and automotive industries, circular economy, e-commerce, aerospace industry, as well as the software industry.

According to Sergio Silva, Head of the Global Economic Intelligence Unit of the Ministry of Economy, following the COVID-19 pandemic, the distribution of export priority has changed, making health supply manufacturing a pillar for the long-term sustainable development of Mexico and a sector that can contribute to Mexican economic recovery and that can also be useful when facing future health emergencies.

Currently, in Mexico there are 2,864 economic units specializing in health supply manufacture in Mexico, of which more than half are focused on manufacturing non-electronic medical equipment and more than 60% of the production in this sector comes from manufacturing pharmaceutical preparations and disposable materials. However, on average, the companies that generate the greatest added value are those that produce raw materials for the pharmaceutical and disposable industries.

Silva explained that the export platform was the first to suffer from the global economic downturn, even before the health crisis hit Mexico, but now it has managed to reach pre-pandemic levels of trade.

Without a doubt, the Mexican economy, to a great extent depends on its export platform, since it has been involved in the speed of growth and development in the past few decades.

Access to technology for the medical industry

According to Fernando Oliveros, President of the Mexican Association of Innovative Industries of Medical Devices (AMID), after the COVID-19 pandemic, it was concluded that access to health technology is vital for Mexico to prevent medical device shortages, such as ventilators or the lack of supplies and serological tests.

In addition, Mexico is the main manufacturer in Latin America and the eighth worldwide, so the country’s production and manufacturing capacity is very focused on the foreign market. For this reason, Mexico experienced a paradox in terms of the demand for medical devices for handling the pandemic, because exports were sent to China and Europe at the beginning of the year. When the virus broke out in Mexico, there was a shortage of devices and respirators on a national level.

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