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(English) Nuevo Laredo, an excellent place to live 
22 diciembre, 2018
Nuevo Laredo, ciudad atractiva para los inversionistas extranjeros
25 diciembre, 2018

[:en]Located In the most strategic route connecting the Eastern United States with Mexico, Oradel Industrial Park is considered by investors as the largest land offer in Nuevo Laredo for the development of industrial warehouses for maquila and warehousing, inventory and logistics.

The Industrial Park is the result of the union of three developers Blokk Properties, Cargoquin Group and Mondlak Developments-all with more than 40 years of experience.

Oradel offers the perfect space for the clients’ needs. Particularly there are opportunities for industrial buildings for manufacture and/or logistics, warehousing and inventory management. To that effect the Industrial Park offers more than 100 continuous hectares.

Within Oradel’s area there are great benefits for the workforce, highlighting the low turnover rate, a favorable indicator that demonstrates  the satisfaction of the workforce, since they are people who seek to create a long professional career term with the companies within the Industrial Park.

Unlike other regions within Mexico, Oradel Industrial Center allows companies located in the Park, that their managers live in Laredo Texas, being a differentiator for those seeking an education in the American educational system for their children or a university or university career or postgraduate course at Texas A & M International University (TAMIU).

Another benefit of Oradel is that it has access to all types of land transportation, including railroad.

Thanks to its Corporate Governance and its Operating Base of more than 30 people, Oradel achieves an efficient Industrial Park that provides world class attention to its tenants. It offers public lighting, gardening, cleaning, access control, water treatment plant, paving, and railroads.

Among the economic advantages of Oradel is its strategic location, very close to the Nuevo Laredo III World Trade Bridge. The distance of 19.3 km / 11.99 miles (or 18 minutes) makes it the most efficient logistics point between the Eastern United States and Mexico. It is also worth mentioning that this is the busiest commercial land port in the world. It is the largest trade border in Latin America and the third in the Continent, behind Long Island and Long Beach.

Having the Technological University of Nuevo Laredo within its properties is another benefit of the Oradel Industrial Park. This institute of higher learning works closely with companies and offers options for improvement such as the training of workers, the recruitment of new talent, and the creation of productivity programs for companies.

Investing in Oradel is a plus to make a living in Nuevo Laredo, since the existing infrastructure allows workers to feel at ease, because it has a residential district of more than 5,000 houses in the industrial zone, a public school, a daycare center and the security provided by the Industrial Park itself.


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