About Oradel 

About us

Oradel Industrial Center arose from the union of three developers with over 40 years experience: Blokk Properties, Grupo Cargoquin & Mondlak Developments.

The Park is located in the most strategic route for connecting Eastern United States with Mexico (See location)and its main international Connecting Seaports (see Ports).

Because of workers’ benefits we have a very low labor turnover rate within Oradel Industrial Center (See workers’ benefits).

Government and corporate structure (see organizational chart) allows us to provide the best service to our tenants and park maintenance.

We have access to all types of ground units, including a railway within Oradel.

Because we count on all these resources, Oradel is the most profitable option for Development of installations of Industrial Buildings for maquila, logistics and storage.



Oradel Industrial Center is the closest industrial Park to the Bridge (III) Puente (III) World Trade International.

The 19.3 km / 11.99 miles (18 minutes) distance makes it the most efficient logistical point between Eastern United States and Mexico.

Economic advantages of the location

Nuevo Laredo is busiest commercial Land Port, worldwide, and the largest commercial trade border in Latin America and third largest in the continent, following Long Island and Long Beach.

This is because it connects the NAFTA highway, I-35 (EUU), with MEX85 (Mexico)

Transportation companies offer more competitive rates due to the passage’s high flow and the spectrum of more than 500 companies in Nuevo Laredo.

Locational advantages for Managers

Unlike other regions in Mexico, Oradel Industrial Center allows managers of the companies located in the park, to live in Laredo Texas, being a differentiator for those seeking an education in the American system for their children or an undergraduate and graduate career in Texas A&M International University (TAMIU).

Ruta: Puente III a Oradel Industrial Center
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Benefits for workers

Oradel Industrial offers a complete ecosystem protecting the permanence of the workforce in companies located in the park. Some of the benefits are:

Universidad Tecnológica de Nuevo Laredo

Technological University of Nuevo Laredo

Working closely with businesses. The University is an extraordinary option to train workers, recruit new talent and create productivity programs designed by the University for businesses.


More than 5,000 houses in the industrial area
Escuela Pública

Public school

Public school within the residential area of Oradel


The peace of mind mothers have leaving their small children and babies reduces the turnover rate of park workers and provides stability


The Zone is currently safe The flow of working families allows a good quality of life and peace.

The benefits of an ecosystem that gives stability to workers, reduces company’s costs of logistics and transportation for its employees, and the turnover rate achieves containment. Employees working in companies within Oradel Industrial Center are seeking to create a long term careers within these companies.

University benefits in Training & Recruitment

Because the Technological University of Nuevo Laredo is located in Oradel, it allows a close relationship for creating job training programs and recruitment.

Oradel currently has a program that allows students to visit companies located in the park.

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