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14 December, 2020
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Asian Maquiladoras are interested in investing in Tamaulipas

The economic momentum of promoting investments in Tamaulipas has caused companies to show interest in establishing their operations in this state. 

According to Carlos García González, Secretary of Economic Development, the interest in investing in Tamaulipas comes from manufacturing companies with Asian capital that supply the military industry, specialists in the aerospace sector and the coating industry, so the possibility of carrying out a process in the State is being analyzed.

He highlighted that currently, regarding the manufacturing industry in Tamaulipas, there are about 200 maquiladora companies in operation that specialize in the production of auto parts. However, since one of Tamaulipas’ strengths is its diversity of sectors where it has very competitive companies, it seeks to develop all industries. 

Moreover, García González stated that he has participated in virtual meetings with the British consul in the United States, where he has been able to confirm that there are many companies in that country interested in establishing their manufacturing processes in Mexico, so he is looking to them to generate investment in Tamaulipas.  

Companies in Tamaulipas produce 275 billion dollars a year

Companies in Tamaulipas have contributed with a production that exceeds 275,777,000 pesos per year.

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), production is concentrated in the main municipalities of Tamaulipas:

-Reynosa: It registered 91,557,000 pesos for the installed maquiladoras, oil activity and renewable energies.

-Altamira, also called industrial port contributed 44,625,000 pesos in the year, relying on the petrochemical industry and logistics companies for the import and export of goods by sea. 

-Matamoros: It generated 35,023,000 pesos generated by the companies of diverse courses of business. The manufacturing industry mainly participates in this area, including auto parts and plants producing components for wind farms. 

-Nuevo Laredo contributed 28,405,000 pesos, mainly as a result of land-based foreign trade and its proximity to the U.S. border.

Oradel Industrial Center is located only 10 minutes away from the international bridges, which makes the companies established in the industrial park save time transporting goods to the United States. In addition, it has a RailCenter, which constitutes a system of railway lines and it has all the facilities for loading and unloading Industries located in the Park can  receive and distribute their products, either by road or by rail service. 

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